Culture Shock

I told you earlier that I liked to travel during my summers. I have been to Italy before and I absolutely fell in love with the culture, the friendly people, the gorgeous setting, and the delicious food! I have often said that “this place was made for me.” When I reconnected with my husband I even stated that I planned to live here within a year… life has a funny way of surprising you.

Remember that I have only lived here for three days and I am sure that this short list will grow and change. Still, here is what I have learned about Italy so far:

  1. Lines mean nothing and personal space is nonexistent
  2. “Lo non parlo italiano”
  3. Life can move slowly and be much more relaxed and IT IS OK!
  4. You need to have balls to drive here!
  5. When you are lonely, you need to make friends with a local! They will smother you with love, conversation, and attention!


I titled this post as Culture Shock. Although there are obviously differences in California to Italy, the culture shock I am referring to is in reference to military life. You may have guessed from my last post that my husband is in the military. Because we have only been together for a year and a few months now, I have had a crash course in all things military. This adjustment has been the trickiest of all. I am learning how to adjust to this life but I would be lying to you if I said that I was comfortable (and if you read my first post, you will understand how comfort is important to me).

Remember that I have only been married for 2 months now so I am sure that this short list will grow and change. Still, here is what I have learned about military life so far:

  1. There is an acronym for everything! You must know them all or nod your head and pretend you know what they are saying.
  2. Murphy’s Law applies here when getting ready to move overseas and filling out government paperwork-everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
  3. Everyone lives and works together. As a result, your personal life may end up on display.
  4. Many spouses have a hard time since most are not able to work while overseas. Find a hobby!
  5. It is NORMAL to fight with your spouse. These conditions are hard and they breed conflict. Fighting is ok, shutting down and ending communication is NOT ok.


… I feel like I have a lot to learn about military culture. I have three years to start learning.


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