Let me give you a little back-story about my cat. Back in California my family and friends lovingly refer to her as the grumpy old lady. For a brief moment as a kitten, my cat was sweet, playful, cuddly and loving. Then she quickly changed.

This cat is the type that wants you to understand her disdain towards you. When she is not pleased with your actions, she will plot the perfect pay back. In the past I have returned from vacations and she has pooped in my shoes, knocked glasses off shelves, broken treasures that she KNOWS are special all to make sure I know that I cannot leave her alone for too long. Many people would think this to be evil but I have actually found it funny.

Naturally, I decided that she needed to accompany us to Italy.

She survived 4 terrorizing airplane flights, 2 days of traveling, multiple security checks, and customs in Rome. Through it all something has happened to her. She is playful and loving again! She has been following us around the house for the past few days wanting to be chased and desiring our full attention. She wants to cuddle in bed all night and she will force you to pet her while you are sitting on the couch or lying down. She follows me through the kitchen and watches me while I make breakfast.

I have come to two conclusions in regards to her strange behavior: Either she is plotting something horrific because of the torture I put her through getting her all the way to Italy OR I accidentally swapped cats at the airport.


If you find my real cat, please let me know!


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