Fasten Your Seat Belt

I have now lived here for a week and I finally got the courage to drive throughout the town I am living in. Let me tell you, it is TERRIFYING! We are borrowing a friend’s VW until our personal vehicles arrive. This particular car is low to the ground and you feel every bump you drive over.

I told you that I live in Maranai housing. In order to get to the main cities you have to first travel through the poorly paved back roads. You will know that you have successfully gotten through the back roads if you have managed to make it through with all four tires still in tact, without bottoming out or destroying your car, and you haven’t been ejected from the vehicle as you travel over massive potholes in the pavement. It took me a few days to get comfortable driving through this area.

As you enter the more populated roads you will notice that rules will no longer apply to driving. People drive over lines, speed, and feel no need to stay in their own lane. When my husband and I went exploring a few days ago, there was even a woman stopped in the middle of the road! She had gotten out to pick some fruit off of a tree she had seen on the side of the road. Traffic was held up but she did not seem to care. She got her fruit.

There is a liberating feeling while driving uninhibited. You do what you need to do to get to your destination. There are no rules to follow and no one judges your ability while driving. The road signs don’t make much sense to me but as long as I see other cars doing similar actions, I feel comfortable enough driving over sidewalks and taking over ongoing traffic lanes to get to my final destination.


If there are people yelling at me as I drive and telling me to be safer…the jokes on them! I cannot understand what they are saying.


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