Scala Dei Turchi

With stomachs full we headed toward the beach toward the Scala Dei Turchi or the Turkish Steps. Our guide told us that we had limited time and that the trek up and down from the beach could be challenging. He assured us that the view was more than worth it.

We hiked down a steep set of stairs large enough for two way traffic but small enough that your personal space was consistently in question. I had to remind myself to stop looking at my feet as I navigated the staircase and keep my eyes outward looking at the incredible view. There were not any waves, but the tide slowly crept in over the sand. The beach was a small sandy area immediately met the tall white cliff.

As you walk along the beach you can see the Stairs of the Turks growing larger in front of you. The formation is also made from the chalky sedimentary rock called Marl and looks like a large staircase breaking away from the cliff behind it. Its stark white color is stunning against the turquoise color of the Mediterranean Sea. From what we learned, Turks used this area to anchor their ships when they invaded neighboring towns.

We spent over an hour walking along the beach and climbing the “steps”. People were lying out on the rocks sunbathing while others were jumping into the cool water below. The setting was so spectacular there was NO WAY to take a bad picture.

This was exactly what I had pictured when I was told that we were moving to Italy for the next three years!


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