Siesta in Motta

Today my husband and I explored the city of Motta by accident! This city is located near where we live in the province of Catania. From the day we arrived we had wanted to explore it. The town is set high on a hill in the Simeto Valley. It is a very small city but the majority of it is tightly squeezed on the edge of a cliff. This cliff is called The Neck. The rest of the buildings trickle down the sides of the hill and the whole city is only about 13 square miles.


The Norman Tower is the part of Motta that caught our attention from the first day. It looks like a castle sitting right at the edge of The Neck. From what I have read, this tower was a defensive structure built in the Middle Ages. The roof contains battlements and the ground floor was used for military housing. From the roof you can see the ocean in the distance. This was the perfect defense to enemies entering the valley.

The afternoon was spent hunting for Kebabs. These are my FAVORITE foods and it is a TRAVESTY that I have not eaten one since moving here. I used my trip advisor app and we were on our way. It was not until we saw the Norman Tower growing larger that we realized that we were headed right towards the destination we were so anxious to explore.


The roads reminded me a lot of San Fransisco, CA. They were steep, small, and parking was difficult. It seemed that there was hardly enough room for parking and driving along the same streets. The sidewalks were even smaller. Still, the buildings that lined the roads were colorful and filled with character.


When we arrived we quickly realized our mistake. We had come right at the beginning of Siesta! All the shops were closing for an hour or two. Sadly, this meant no Kebabs for us. We had a time restraint that would keep us from getting the delicious meal. Instead we spent an hour wandering the quiet streets and enjoying the views of the valley below.

Our goal this weekend is to revisit Motta with more time, walk to the Norman Tower, and EAT SOME KEBABS!


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