I NEED a Job

I heard once that, on average, a teacher makes more than 1,500 educational decisions every school day. In an average 6-hour school day, that’s more than 4 decisions every minute. After teaching Kindergarten for the past 3 years I honestly feel that the number could be much higher. Still, imagine the person who is used to making that many work related decisions each day is taking a screeching halt and making 0 educational decisions. Yep…I have concluded that I NEED a job.

From the day we got here I have heard spouse after spouse explain to me the complicated process of getting hired here. Many have suggested that it is not something that I should pursue. Lots of people told me that there is a job shortage and that our applications are the last that they would look at. Others have offered that I wait until we go through INDOC training so I am more familiarized with the area and what it has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, it has been SO relaxing these past few months without a job. Still, this week as I was driving in my car making up words to songs to keep myself entertained, I decided it was time to start this job hunt.

Anyone who has ever had to fill out government official paperwork knows how convoluted, unnecessary, and confusing it is. Each form has an abbreviated and numerical name, they ask for information I have never heard of before, and they send you to the ends of the earth to fill out various forms in a specific order before you beginning another form. Our overseas paperwork, pet health certificates, military passports and visas were all extremely long processes slowed down by a seeming lack of communication and needless running around.

The last few days have been no different. I heard about an Educational Aid position opening up and I knew that the school was looking for substitute teachers. I figured this would be a good place to start. I had heard about a website that you can apply on. The website needed scans of your documentation, transcripts, passports, etc. to be uploaded to the website. Because our household items have not arrived, I do not have a scanner. Luckily there is a scanner for resident use on one of the bases. I drove over and scanned my documents.

This website also asked for a list of official forms to be filled out and uploaded to your online application. Most forms I was able to fill out but there were a few forms that requested information I have not been exposed to. A resident in Maranai housing suggested I try the Family Service Center. So then I drove there. Sadly, the lady in charge of the application processes was on the phone and did not have an open appointment until the end of October.

Once home, another resident informed me that if I am applying I need my Sojourno paperwork and fingerprints taken before I begin the process. I am new to this military life and quickly realizing that I am severely lacking the knowledge I need for this complex application process. So I drive to another base to get the paperwork but their next opening for fingerprinting is the last week of October.


Now I am getting to the place where I have accepted my fate…..It is looking like it will be November or later when I start work again. If anyone has suggestions for ways to work from home, please offer some!


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