First Time Having Kebabs

Today my husband had his first kebab! This delicious entree is up there with my top 10 favorite foods and it was about time my husband finally had one! While we were headed to the restaurant I had to explain to him we would not be eating pieces of meat and veggies off of a stick…this was more of a Mediterranean burrito.

We went to a restaurant that was suggested to us be milultiple military families as well as the wonderful tour guide from an earlier post. Interestingly enough, when we walked in there was a line of military families all waiting to order as the restaurant opened! They assured us that this was the place to eat. One man was carrying out two HUGE kebabs and told us that he buys extra so he has them for later meals.
We waited in line for a good 10-15 minutes but let me assure you that this kebab was WORTH it!  The restaurant is a smaller place called La’angolo Dei Sapori located in the city of Motta. They let you choose your sauces, spices, salads, veggies, and they top it all off with meat and fries if you want them! The kebabs are inexpensive for the amount of food that you get. It was a great first experience for my husband!

When we got home to eat them I was so pleased with it as the food dripped all over my plate and melted in my mouth.


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