The Doctor’s Office

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I absolutely hate doctors offices. I will be constantly sick, snot running out my nose, heaving coughing, and feeling sick to my stomach for an entire month before I even begin to toy with the idea of seeing a doctor. When I was growing up our familial opinion was that we only went to the doctor if we were bleeding or dying. I’ve never broken a bone and I’ve never been on my deathbed so I’ve never seen the point of going to the doctors. Whenever we did go to a doctors office or hospital it was because something serious was going on. There were happy hospital visits but for the most part, doctors have a negative connotation in my mind.


As an adult, I think the part of the doctors office that scares me the most is my lack of power. As the doctor holds my Pee cup in her hand, she is the only one who is able to determine what is wrong with me. As the stethoscope is placed on my heart, the doctor is the only person who can tell me whether or not there is something abnormal happening. As the doctor is poking and prodding my ears, my knees, and my stomach, he is the only one that can tell me if another step is necessary. As the doctor pries open my vagina to get a better view of my uterus, she is the only person that can tell me if what they’re seeing is normal. They are instantly put in a place of power and the patient is instantly put in their most vulnerable state.


Today I had to go to the Navy base doctor. I have avoided it at all costs but I haven’t been feeling well lately and, after a lot of persuading from my husband, decided it was actually necessary. After this experience, I am pleased to say the base here could possibly change my view of doctors over the next three years. The tricare office worker was so sweet and personable and instantly made me feel comfortable in that awkward setting. The nurse was so sweet and he helped me even though our paperwork was difficult to navigate after  just getting here. There is even an online communication method for patients and doctors to talk about symptoms and medication before and after your arrival at the hospital! They made it so easy for me and I felt so comfortable the entire time!

What a wonderful surprise!


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