Umberto’s Restaurant and Bar

I’ve mentioned in other posts, but I haven’t been feeling well lately. This has caused my husband and I to stay in more than we had been when we first moved here. I’m finally feeling better so we ventured out of the house and went to see what there was at the community center.


I’m not sure how the whole system works, but the military housing is run by a group of Sicilians. They do the maintenance, they work at the hospitals, they run the community center, they work at the commissary, and they do a wonderful job! As I mentioned before they are so friendly! The other night my husband and I decided to go to the community center. We had heard that there were pool tables, there was a daycare area, a salon, and we wanted to check it out. It was later at night so the only thing open was the restaurant and bar! I had no idea that there was even a restaurant just down the street from our house.

It is very cute! Each night there is a different event going on for the community members to go to. We happened to come on karaoke night. Many families were gathered around the tables cheering on their friends and children as they went up to the mic to sing.

We sat down and ordered. I cannot tell you how inexpensive the food was! For eight euro I was able to get a HUGE pizza that lasted me four full meals. It was delicious. What I liked most about this restaurant was at the employees clearly knew the people who are living here. Although it is a business, it felt more like friends hanging out at home. There are not many families here so I’m sure they have a lot of reoccurring customers. It was fun to be a part of such a friendly group of people.


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