The Catania Duomo and Elephant Square

To my few consistent readers, we have some exciting developments happening here at home and that is why I have not written a lot lately! The thing I am most excited about is that our household items are getting moved in on MONDAY! We were lucky and got our things so quickly. We have been living out of suitcases for two months and I am ready to have a bed, clothes, my favorite mugs, new shoes, kitchen supplies, and towels! There have been some other exciting developments but that will be saved for a later post.

Today I want to write about our first time touring the center of Catania! My husband and I have driven through on other occasions to eat dinner and get gelato. Today was our first time viewing some of the most beautiful spots that the city has to offer!


Our wonderful sponsors took us to the city to get sushi. The restaurant sits overlooking the ocean outside. We went to a spot that allows an “all you can eat” sushi option for 20 Euro. Obviously I ate more sushi than I have ever eaten in my life! It was wonderful! I did notice that wasabi and ginger were not available. Still, the fish was so fresh I was happy that there was nothing to alter the flavor.


After dinner we walked to the center of the city. Italian cities are typically centered around a church or a Duomo. The church in Sicily is a towering building opening up to a large square littered with tourist shops, restaurants, musicians, and fountain. It is called Elephant Square because of a large elephant statue standing in the middle of the square. We were walking along the streets at 10:30 at night and they were filled with families. Children were running around playing. Sicily wakes up at night time.


I walked around like a tourist, snapping photos every moment! I was shocked that people could walk by these old buildings and not be stunned by the beautiful surroundings! Some of these buildings are now being used as a college. One contains a gymnasium but from the exterior you would never guess that these towering structures could have such normal uses.


My husband and I cannot wait to go back and see the details during the day time. We hope to go inside the church and tour some of the older ruins around the city and I cannot wait to write about the adventure!




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