How We Met

Let me give you a little more backstory about my past, specifically the last year and a half of my life:

I went to the same high school as my husband but we were not friends. It wasn’t until we started to get to know one another that we realized that our lives had been circling around each other for years. We grew up in the same town, we went to the same high school, and we were in choir together. I knew of him but we had only spoken a handful of times; most of those times with great awkwardness. I can honestly say that if we had had the chance to really know each other then, we might ONLY be friends today. It was not the right time.

Fast forward 8 years. Most of my friends would tell you that I had a full life, but something was missing. People closer to me would have said that I lost myself somewhere in all my pursuits. So, I decided to begin a new adventure and prepare myself for growth. Growth is a painful process; but as a result, I found my confidence, my joy, and myself. Who knew that those would be the ingredients for meeting “the one”.

Right when the components came together, my husband appeared in my life. Because of how little we knew of each other, I was absolutely shocked when I received a Facebook message from him during my European trip in the summer of 2015. One day in Italy, after getting back from a therapeutic hike with my friends, I checked my phone and I noticed that I had received a Facebook message. It wasn’t anything special just a simple, “Hey, how’ve you been?” I turned to my friends and read the message aloud expressing my hesitation at writing a response. We did not know each other and we had no reason to get acquainted now. My friends encouraged me to be polite and write back, “What’s the harm in responding?”

I cannot emphasize enough how quickly I was drawn into the conversation. He spoke about his love for each of his family members, he talked about his desire to grow in his walk with the Lord, and he gave me an honest answer no matter what question I asked. I found myself messaging him through the night. We debated on who was more of a nerd, we discussed our flaws, and we revealed how our lives got to their current place. Throughout the conversation I was texting my traveling companion and my mom saying, “Oh my goodness! I’m so glad I messaged him back! He is so cool! I cannot even sleep, he is so awesome!”

It has not been long, but the timing of everything has been perfect. I quickly fell in love. He came out of nowhere, at the perfect time and swooped me off my feet! Each day has been an adventure and I cannot wait to see where we will go next. Exactly a year from our first face to face meeting (after my Europe trip) we were married. Two months from our wedding date we were sent to Sicily on military orders. Life has already been such an adventure!


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