Move In Day!

If you read yesterdays post, you might have realized how quickly my husband and I moved to Italy. We had two months after our wedding to get ready for the big move from California to Sicily. After our engagement in January, I knew that I would be moving to his location. Because of this I started packing for this move back in March! I had to move out of a classroom, find a new job, move out of my apartment, and plan a wedding. There was so much to do I decided to start packing VERY early on to make things easier on myself when the wedding got closer and the school year was ending.

This led to me living out of boxes and a suite case for MONTHS! I had everything moved out of my apartment by April and I survived off of the few outfits I had set aside. Then we found out that we were moving to Italy and unpacking in our California home was pointless. Instead we sent all our unopened wedding presents and my household items off right away. Basically I ended up living out of a suitcase or boxes for about 6 full months.

goodbye loaner furniture!

You can understand my excitement when we got the call Friday that our household goods had arrived early! They were delivered over the weekend and we have been sifting through the boxes and setting up our first home together! I am loving it! Maybe when it is organized and presentable I will post some pictures. For now, here is our mess!

Hello household goods!

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