Autumn Fest!

Did you know that they don’t celebrate Halloween in Italy?! Dressing up in costume was something I loved as a child that only amplified as I grew older. At my childhood home, we had a HUGE dress up box that eventually became a dress up closet that could now be qualified as a dress up room. There were times I hardly remembered wearing reagular outfits as a kid. Then in high school I lived for spirit days! As an adult I went to comic con, midnight showings for movies, and even many days taught kindergarten in full costume! When we moved here my biggest concern was that my costumes made it safely and before Halloween. 

Then we got here and realized it is not celebrated!! Luckily, the base is aware that the families here love the holiday. There is a small selection of costumes and decor available to families but they also hold an autumn fest carnival one weekend and allow children to come and trick or treat! I cannot wait for Halloween, but this weekend was the Autumn Fest. There were carnival rides, booths with items for sale, bounce houses, contests, games and food stands. It was a fun way to meet other people on base and see locals from the community. 

My husband knew I had been feeling a little homesick lately and he knew that the celebration would make me feel a little better. Dressed like a pumpkin we went to the festival and had a blast. It got me in the Halloween spirit. The one take away from the experience was that here in Italy there are some things that are legal that would NOT fly in the U.S. There was a ride that spun and bounced wildly in circles. No one was strapped in, you had to hold on for dear life or try to remain standing as you were jolted and spun around! Kids were falling and smashing their faces into knees, people were losing their grip and flying accross the ride! It was the best ride I have ever been on and I doubt I will ever see anything that unsafe when we move back to the states. 


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