At the Top of the Dome

Next to the Duomo at the center of Elephant square, there is a baroque style church called Chiesa Badia Di Sant’Agata. It has a large dome at the top and for 3 Euros you can climb to the top and overlook the city of Catania. Of course we had to try it!

We started up the many flights of stairs until we reached a veranda. It was beautiful with an area to sit and relax. From the veranda you could look through the church windows at the sanctuary below. For a moment my husband and I thought we had reached the final level until we stumbled upon the smallest set of spiral stairs I had ever seen!

It was so humid in the staircase and it seemed to go on forever. When we reached the top we were awestruck by the view. Off in the distance you could see Mount Etna, the ocean and the city of ancient buildings below. It was so quiet on top of the dome and it was so peaceful sitting at the top with one another.

If you are in Catania and wanting some spectacular views I would recommend paying three euros here!


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