Halloween in Maranai

I have mentioned before that Halloween is not celebrated here in Sicily. Luckily we seem to have a great relationship with the people of Catania and we are always welcome at festivals and we often open events up to the public as well. Because of this, the military housing opens its gates every Halloween and allows children from all over to come and try trick or treating.

Our street in particular did not have many trick or treaters this year. We live towards the back end of a cul-de-sac and not many children came down to our area. I must say that this was very lucky! The few trick or treaters that we did have were not what we expected. I have to put myself in the perspective of someone who has never had Halloween….It is a strange concept, knock on a strangers door and they give you candy.

This must have been the main understanding for the locals. Adults and children came through Maranai in regular clothing. Not many understood the dressing up part to the holiday. They knocked on the doors and once they were opened understood it to be inviting them into the home. Families would flood the entry way and enter the kitchen looking for our bowls of candy. Once found, they would dig their hands as deep into the bowl as possible and empty as much of the bowl as they could into their bags, backpacks, suite cases, and whatever else they had brought to collect candy.

It turned out to be such an interesting social experiment on spacial awareness! Americans were easily spotted. They stayed far away from one another and they avoided getting to close to the doorway. They had a clear bubble and wouldn’t allow others to pop it. Italians were much closer to one another and even entered people’s homes. You could see an Italian family walk down the street with their arms linked and bodies bumping into one another. I had so much fun watching the different groups dynamics as they came to get candy at our doorstep!


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