Today we visited an olive oil refinery called Peltom. It is a family run business and the skill of creating wine and olive oil from the crops on their land has been past down throughout many years. The family initially started producing olive oil for their own personal use but they saw a demand for their product. Now they have the facilities for at least 8 local farmers to produce olive oil from their own farms at a time.

We visited the refinery and were able to watch the process occur in front of our eyes. After getting a tour of their business we were able to purchase our own oil. I was amazed at the dark green color! In the states, olive oil does not typically look like that.There was a man demonstrating how to use the olive oil on bread. It was delicious! I ate so much of it and my husband and I had to purchase a two liter bottle of the oil.

Next door they also had large tin cases full of homemade wine. There were over 8 of them surrounding the room. Each case held a different type of wine. Local farmers were giving taste tests of the different wine. We tried each one and eventually settled on a flavor we liked most. For the two liter bottle of wine, we were charged 3 euro! It was amazing! We will be going back many more times!


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