Today we visited the mountainside province of Zaferana Etnea. The province is also a part of Catania (the same area that we live in but it is about 45 minutes away). Someone explained it to me as if Catania was the state and Zaferana, Sigonella, and Motta were all different cities.

The province is much more green than the areas that we are used to! The hillsides are covered in trees and from the city square you can look up and see Mount Etna in the distance. The area was beautiful and the town was very relaxing.We wandered around looking in store windows. This province in particular is known for its different flavors of sweet honey. After trying multiple flavors we stopped at a restaurant that Trip Advisor suggested. It was called Ristorante Il Castello Di Bacco and it had even been written about in the New York Times.

We sat outside to enjoy the sunshine and our delicious meal when suddenly the town was covered with a heavy fog. We had to get our food to go and make our way inside. It started raining harder than I have ever seen! When the clouds cleared he Mountain tops had been covered with a layer of thick snow! I cannot wait to go back!


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