Borgo for Dinner

American dining is so much different than dining in Italy. In America your waitress rushes you through your meal and quickly brings your check to send you on your way. In Italy, you meal is a huge event. It is a time to catch up with friends and enjoy good food. Here, you literally have to ask for your check to be brought to you or it will never come.

This week a friend of ours took us to Borgo for dinner. From my understanding, this family owns a portion of land and grows crops throughout their property. They have opened their home up for reservations and dining. The family uses their crops and local livestock to prepare a meal for you. The meal is brought out in multiple courses and the menu changes as the season changes and different crops are being grown.

There are many homes that do this, but we went to one called Borgo. The setting was gorgeous.The patio opened up and overlooked a valley that seemed to be glowing as the sun behind it. The house was nestled between groves of trees and inside the dining area was a large fireplace that seemed to light the room.

We sat down and were served artichoke, stuffed olives, sharp cheese, spiced pumpkin, and dried tomatoes as our antipasti. I could not get enough of these appetizers! Afterwards she brought out grilled mash potato balls, something resembling mozzarella sticks, and more of whatever appetizer we wanted. After stuffing my face we were served two different kinds of pastas that I could not get enough of, a salad, and a meat dish.

The meal took place over 3 hours and we were given unlimited homemade wine and lemoncello to go with it. It was so relaxing and we were able to have a long and deep conversation with one another. Overall it was an amazing night!


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