A Pit Stop in Syracuse

Earlier I posted about our drive to Noto. One the way there it is hard to miss the beautiful city of Syracuse. We looked out the window and looked out towards the Ionian sea and saw a city that appeared to be floating on the turquoise ocean. We had to take a pit stop in Syracuse.

Before I describe the city, let me describe our vehicle. Before leaving the states we had the choice of which vehicle to bring with us. I had an old and worn down Yellow VW with a black racing stripe and a spoiler. For what it lacked mechanically it made up for in cuteness! My husband had just purchased a new, large, Toyota Tacoma Truck when he was under the impression that we were staying in San Diego and not being sent overseas. The car was far more loyal but we knew that the size of the car would make it difficult to maneuver through old cities in Italy. We also quickly learned that the nice new exterior would soon be damaged and scratched in this new environment. When choosing a car based on its reliability as a vehicle, the choice was evident. We brought the truck.

That brings us to present day Syracuse. The city is 2,700 years old. The older the city, the smaller the roads towards the city center. We parked our car on the outskirts of the town and we got to take a leisurely stroll to the center. Personally I would much rather walk the streets of any town as appose to driving. You miss out on so much of its character if you are speeding down each street.

Because it was a quick stop, we didn’t get to learn much about the history before walking through. What I did learn was that the city is another UNESCO sites in Sicily. I also learned that the city was founded by the ancient Greeks and that many tours will teach you more about Greek culture, architecture, and history. I hope to go back soon and take one of these tours to share more with anyone interested!  Until then, enjoy these beautiful pictures of a modernized ocean side city that is scattered with ancient ruins.


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