Taormina in the Rain

After Thanksgiving my husband and I decided to take a weekend excursion. We contacted a wonderful host named Andrea on Airbnb and for 30 dollars we spend the night in Taormina.

We had never been before but our host let us know before our arival that parking is difficult and cars are not allowed closer to the city center. In order to get to our Airbnb we would have to park on the outskirts of the city and walk in. If you have read any of my other blogs, you may have read about the vehicle that we brought to Sicily. It is a large Toyota Tacoma Truck and we have quickly realized it was not the smartest choice we have made. Parking was tricky and multiple times we missed the entrance to the parking area, turned down a road that was too small for us to fit, accidentally went down a one way street, and stopped traffic as we tried to find our way around. Once we finally parked, the walk to our apartment was beautiful.

It was a cloudy day and the sky was dark. It made the older buildings stand out against the sky. Because the rain happened sporadically during the day the streets were empty and it felt like we were exploring an abandoned city. We started with a tour of the Amphitheater. For 10 Euro you can explore these ancient Greek Ruins. They were built during the third century BC and now overlook a cliff covered in buildings spreading down to the beach below. It was obvious why this spot was chosen for this ancient theater. The location was breathtaking. We wondered around the theater grounds for hours. My husband was excitedly running and touching every column shouting to me about all of the history he was touching. I was shocked that they did not have a better security system that kept tourists from destroying the artifacts.

Behind the amphitheater seating was a garden area. Toward the front/stage of the theater was the cliff overlooking the city. We stood there a while. Before our visit we had done some research about the city. We found that Greeks, Arabs, Romans, Normans, etc had all played a part in the cities history. It had been under the rule of many different groups. As we looked out, you can see the influence of so many different cultures in the older buildings. In recent history many artists and writers have come to Taormina for inspiration. Pablo Picasso, Bertrand Russell, Roald Dahl, Henry Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, and Oscar Wild were just some of the names we heard had come here to work.

This has been my favorite spot in Sicily so far. If you visit, I would recommend putting this city at the top of your list of locations to visit. In just a short weekend trip my husband and I fell in love with this place that has captivated so many others!




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