Isola Bella

In the afternoon my husband and I took a gondola ride down to the beach of Taormina. It was beautiful as we went down the hillside looking at gorgeous homes behind us and the ocean in front of us.

When you get to the base of cliff you can turn right onto the street and walk about a half mile down the road. Down a rocky staircase is the entrance to “Isola Bella” or the Pretty Island. The island is connected by a small strip of sand and you have to run across to get to the Island. We read that at different times in the year you have to get a boat to take you across the water. On the island is a museum that is built within the rocky landscape of Isola Bella. There are also many plants that are being protected in the natural museum.

Once you run across, it is only 4 Euro to explore the island. From the Island, you can look down and see the Ionian Sea. Off further in the distance you can see the mainland of Italy. There are plants and birds that call the island their home. We loved walking around and exploring Isola Bella. It was one of my favorite parts of our trip.


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