Granduca Restaurant

While exploring Taormina, my husband and I stumbled upon a restaurant called the Granduko. It looked like a whole in the wall and we honestly chose it because we liked the door to the exterior building. We figured we would take a chance and we quickly realized how lucky we were!

When you first enter the restaurant you head down a long set of steep stairs. At the bottom there is a sliding glass door that leads you to a beautiful restaurant. The interior is designed like a winery or a brewery but it is the balcony that you want to sit on. The balcony is built on the cliff of Taormina and has large windows opening you to a view of the turquoise ocean below.


My husband and I had to attempt to translate some of the menu and we ended up taking another chance and ordering randomly. We both were brought out Pizza! Mine was unlike any pizza I had had before. It had a creamy white sauce and multiple types of cheeses on it. There were small tomatoes on the top and thin slices of Salmon. it was delicious! My husband chose something much spicier. Both pizzas were great.

We sat for a while laughing over our inability to cut our pizza using a fork and knife. I love that in the Italian culture they will not rush you out of a meal. They leave you alone until you have finished and you have asked for the check. Eating is a social activity and you are encouraged to take your time.

We enjoyed our lunch and would highly recommend it for the food and for the VIEW!


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