Only in Sicily

I love how different Sicily is from my hometown in California. The way of life is different, the pace, the scenery, the culture, the rules, the manners, the driving etc. My husband and I are always learning something new. It has been so much fun to start assimilating into a new cultural dynamic. Taking on some customs has been easy, but there are sites you see that I’m not sure I will every get used to. Obviously the beautiful baroque style buildings, the ocean in the distance are all on the list, but currently I am most intrigued by the livestock.

Because we live out in the countryside it is EXTREMELY common to see farmers walking their livestock. What is different about Sicily is that they walk their herds of cows and sheep in the MIDDLE of the road. You can turn a corner and…BAM! You are surrounded by a sea of sheep or swerving through groups of cows!

We have been instructed to stop our vehicle when they pass by. If an animal is hit, you pay for it. You shouldn’t move unless the farmer gives you the go ahead. Until then, you wait in the road while sheep graze the side of your car.

I have started to try and capture some of these moments on camera. Here are a few, I plan to get many more!


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