Rory’s Adventures!

I’m sure this is controversial, but this is a way for me to update family and friends about our experiences in Sicily and a way for me to share our experiences. I’m sure people have opinions about this topic, but I still want to share.


A few months ago I blogged about the trouble that we ran into while trying to bring our dog to Sicily with us. To keep a long story short, a vet made some mistakes in procedures which made it impossible to get a health certificate in time for our dog to accompany us to Sicily. Sadly, this meant that he would have to come alone. Luckily, we have a friend who was willing to bring him with her!

On Saturday he started his journey to Sicily. To start off he flew from San Fransisco to Detroit using Pet Safe with United Airlines. Although we were rescheduled multiple times due to weather, we could not have been more pleased with the kindness, professionalism, and understanding that the company showed us and our dog throughout the trip.

Rory landed on Sunday morning and now has a few days to hang out with our friend and relax. He was able to play in the snow and cuddle and rest. On Tuesday, Rory will be boarding a plane to Rome and another to Sicily. By Wednesday night we will have Rory in our arms, sleeping in our bed, and playing in our yard! I cannot wait!

Rory will be here in time for Christmas! We will be back to being a whole family! It will have been 3 and a half months since we have seen our puppy dog!



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