Being a Child in Sicily

I have mentioned this before in older blogs, but Sicily allows many forms of entertainment to children that would be an extreme safety concern back in the States. I first noticed this when we went to the Autumn Fest!

I am still AMAZED that the rides were allowed by the parents on the base! The other day my husband and I explored more of the Etnapolis Shopping Center. Again, I was shocked by some of the rides and playground equipment that children are allowed to play on. Honestly, it seems like being a child here would be SO MUCH FUN!

The mall has so many rides on the exterior. There was a bungee jumping area, a room full of trampolines, electric boat races, a zip line, a rock wall, a carousel, a Ferris wheel, and so much more! My favorite part was a tall structure that was not monitored by any employee! it went up at least 50 feet into the air and was held together by ropes, poles, screws and chains.


Of course my husband and I joined the other 20 children climbing the structure. My husband reassured me that if we fell, there were many children and rope cords that would break our fall.  With so many people climbing at once, you could feel everyone’s movements shaking the structure as you climbed. I have never had a problem with heights and I was often found in a tree as a child….but this thing SCARED me.

After a day playing in the children’s area of the mall, I came to the conclusion that American parents are much more uptight with what they allow their children to do. I think that the Sicilian children are given so many opportunities to try extremely fun activities. Still, when I become a parent, I think I will have a heart attack if my child ever tries to climb something like the structure at the mall!



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