A Reunited Family!

As I have shared in Rory’s Adventures! Our dog wasn’t able to come with us to Sicily back in September. He stayed behind with family and family friends until his veterinary paperwork was completed correctly. Mochi was the only who was not prepared for him to come back to the family.

I cannot express to you how happy we were when he started the long journey overseas. We were so worried that at any moment something could go wrong. There was even one instance the plane was stopped to double check that he would be allowed in Italy. For two days he worked his way from Detroit to Sicily with the help of a friend. Every time they had a layover my heart would race with the anticipation and nerves for the next flight. Around 9pm on Wednesday they landed in Sicily!

He was so excited! Other than being slightly jet lagged, he has made himself comfortable and at home here already. He cuddles, loves taking walks, and will not let us out of his sight.

We love having our dog back home in time for Christmas!


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