Thankful for This Year

As this year comes to a close, I have been reflecting on how thankful I am for the people in my life. 2016 has been a big one for me! I started off the year living in California, working as a teacher, living close to friends and family, and dating a great guy. I’m ending the year living in Italy, still feeling the support of my friends and family, meeting new people, and married to an awesome guy!

I haven’t shared this blog with everyone, but I still feel that it is important to say thank you to all the people who have supported my husband and me during this CRAZY year!

First thanks goes to my family. They have welcomed my husband into the family, they helped me finish out a school year, move to San Diego, plan a wedding, move to Italy, and they kept me sane during the shuffling of the year. They were a huge support and were always there when I needed to vent, needed help, or wanted to relax. Some people have said that my family is like an exclusive club. This might be true, but once you are in the club they will take very good care of you.

I was lucky  and from a young age I have had many families take me in and take care of me like family. I have been so blessed throughout the years by each of them and this year I have felt their love and support throughout each step of the way. The next HUGE thank you goes to them. Thank you to my amazing Auntie Vic and Uncle Dan who drove me to visit David while we were living in different towns, welcomed him into our family and who took our amazing engagement photos! Thank you to the Guilbault Family who has been my second family since I was 1 and a half. They helped my decorate, craft, ran last minute errands, and thought about what I would need before I needed it throughout the months leading up to our wedding and us moving! A huge thanks to the Holm Family, the Langs, the Hansens, the Filpulas, the Govans, and the Pilakowskis who helped us to set up during our wedding. Thank you to the Pope’s who volunteered in my classroom multiple times a week for the past few years! Thank you Chris Person and the Merrills who would meet with me to talk and give me advice whenever I needed it! Thanks to my Cousin and his family who have given advice and played for our wedding. A big thanks to my extended family for all of their help making our wedding possible! Thank you to my partner teachers Krissy and Melanie who were the best friends I could have asked for at my school and supported me while I was running around like crazy. A big thank you to the Lewis family who threw a bridal shower for us, let us live with them while we were homeless and waiting to move to Italy, and who have watched my dog until he is set to fly over! Finally, thank you to the LaFollette family who has always taken me in as one of their own and taken care of me and did the same for David. I am very lucky to have each of these people rooting for me.

My last big thank you has to go to my close group of friends. I feel like it is rare to find strong, kind, fun, and confident women. Often times women tear each other down in friendships because they lack confidence and enjoy drama. I have been lucky in life to find SO MANY great girls to surround myself with. On top of that, I have an extremely fun group of guys who genuinely care about others, who are not afraid to talk about their feelings, and are respectful to others around them. I think my group of friends would have a TV show written about them that would be better than big bang theory, friends, and how I met your mother combined! These people have helped me through good times and bad times and stuck with me even when I’m being crazy. They have taken my side, accepted the people I love, and been there for the big moments in life. I am so lucky to have such a great group to go through life with!


2 thoughts on “Thankful for This Year

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Jessica, your Uncle Dan and I would gladly do it all again and more. You and David will ALWAYS have our love and support unconditionally. Whatever you need, just ask. We will do whatever we can, always.
    David, Jessica is right about her family. As a former outsider, you will soon realize that you have essentially won the in-law lottery. While I believe whole hearted my that my family is amazing, there is something special about the Taylor/Bonalos/Silmaro/Nisnisan/Wall/Mullen/and now Lane family. Perhaps it is that they love you with all of themselves, and I mean with every bit of their mass. No one hugs like them… No one. They support you stronger and better than the most dedicated fans at Comic-Con. Trust me on this one, especially if Jessica is your biggest fan. 😉 Most important of all, they celebrate you. It has never mattered one bit to one person in the family (at least that I have ever spoken with) how much money anyone makes or doesn’t. If you have good news, we celebrate. If you accomplish something, we congratulate you. If things didn’t work out, we console you and help out where we can. We are all on different paths, and that’s OK. We are family. Family is love. Welcome to the family.


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