It Has Been a While

Sorry family, friends and readers! It has been a while!

Quickly updating you on life:

Rory has made it to Italy and has adjusted so well! He takes his morning walk at 6:30am and has lunch with us at noon. He has started begging more lately because I was weak when he arrived and started feeding him people food….now he thinks he deserves it. Rory plays at the dog park in the afternoon and enjoys sitting in our backyard and sniffing the air. Mochi and Rory have started sitting outside together and get along well! He cuddles up with us at night and has recently started sleeping underneath the backdoor curtains and using them like blankets.


I was recently given a tentative job offer. Right now I am finishing paperwork but I hope that everything goes through quickly! I would love to get back to work and feel like I have more of a purpose here.

Since New Years, my husband and I have been meeting a lot of wonderful people on our street! We have taken a few adventures with them through Catania and Syracuse. Together we have started having Super Mario competitions and onsie pajama Bachelor nights! For someone who thrives on human interaction, it has been WONDERFUL meeting kindred spirits to go through life with.


Hopefully I will be posting more soon!


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