On Top of a Volcano

“You are living next to the most active volcano in Europe.”

Days after moving here, these were the words that stood out to me as we took our intro to Sicily class. I remember asking my husband what he was thinking when he moved us to a city underneath a volcano.

In the months that have followed, I have come to love the volcano! We have a beautiful view Mount Etna from our front yard. It is STUNNING to look up and see a massive mountain towering over you, smoke coming from the top. When we go for a drive, I find myself looking at it and noticing the changes in color, the new snow, what the smoke looks like today. It is easily my favorite sight to see in Sicily.


At the start of the new year my husband, our neighbors, Rory and I decided to drive closer. We noticed snow had been collecting at the top. During the summer there are hikes and ropes courses on Mount Etna. We had heard many people went to a ski resort on top of the volcano when there was enough snow and we wanted to check it out.



We didn’t have any of the correct equipment: no chains, no snow jackets, no gloves. We simply bundled up and drove up the mountain. It was a beautiful drive. I was shocked by the landscape. For some reason I had expected mud, trees and dirt but the drive consisted of different lava formations and very few plants.

Once we reached the lodging and parking area there were many different directions to hike. Again the views were not like anything I had ever seen. I cannot explain it, so I will just show you pictures. 🙂




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