Back in California and I’ve Forgotten English!

The last few months I have taken a blog hiatus. I had been planning a trip back to the states, getting things in order for my new job teaching third grade, and honestly I have created a friend group here that I was/am more focused on. 

Still, I would love to continue writing since it is a journal for myself and a way to keep people updated with this move. 
Im currently writing from Ventura, California! I traveled back this past weekend for two of my best friends bachelorette parties and I will be in the USA for a few weeks celebrating with friends and family. 

When I hopped off the plane it took me by surprise to hear English being spoken. I didn’t realize how programmed I am to start thinking about which Sicilian phrase I need when interacting with anyone. 

I didn’t experience culture shock as much as I expected, but I was so excited to get back to smooth roads, American outlets, Starbucks, stores that stay open, and just some of the conveniences that are found in the states. 

I was shocked to find that when talking with my friends I could not think of words for many of my sentences. On a daily basis, I still converse in English the majority of the time but it felt like there were gaps in my memory and I was reaching for words I did not know anymore! Instead of gaining the language in Sicily I felt like I had forgotten how to speak English! 
I’ll keep you posted on if I pick it back up while I’m visiting California! 


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