Carnevale di Acireale

There are a few huge celebration thing happen in Sicily during the month of February. Because of a busy schedule I missed posting about them but I want to take the time to share about these exciting traditions in Sicily.  

During the month of February people travel from all over Italy to visit the Carnevale di Acireale. It is almost a month long celebration that started in the 16th century! It is located in one of the provinces of Catania and has become a massive citywide party. There are large floats, marching bands, live music, different types of performers, confetti throwing, fireworks, delicious food, many sweets and candy vendors, and the streets are filled with people are wearing costumes and masks! 

The backdrop to the festivities is a stunning Baroque style city. Going to the carnival was probably my favorite experience since moving. It was so much fun to observe the carnival and interact with many Sicilians. I loved watching the children chase each other with confetti and excitedly throw it up into the air!

I must have looked American, because I quickly became a target of all of the confetti tosses! It was a wonderful day


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