A little bit about myself: I have always loved traveling and experiencing new cultures. Still, this was a summer hobby rather than a lifestyle choice. In my everyday life I have enjoyed the feeling of familiarity and comfort that comes with staying in the same city from birth to adulthood. I was born in a small town, was homeschooled by my close family in that same small town, went to high school but remained close with my sisters in the same small town, went to college and lived only a few miles from my parents in the same small town, and afterwards got a job in the same small town teaching in a school that I had an internship at throughout college in the same small town.  For 25 years I kept everything as comfortable as I could. Summers were my times for adventures but the majority of the year was predictable.

A year ago I reconnected with an old friend that I would later marry. This man forced me out of my comfort zone (believe me: This was a good thing)! Within the span of the year we were married, I was leaving my comfortable life with stable loved ones and a job, and I was moving overseas to Italy.

Ok now you are caught up. We moved here in September.